Our Limitations Rest Only In Our Ignorance

Published: 11th February 2008
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"As human beings, our limitations rest only in our ignorance. We are ignorant of who we are and what we can do. We have the need to gain consciousness (awareness) and only in consciousness is our true human capacity open to us". (Dr. Na`im Akbar from his book, Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery)

The Reconnecting with Ancestral Knowledge study group was started for the express purpose of raising African consciousness. Elevating it to the point that expanded consciousness strengthens our; common values, communications, communal service, confidence, group solidarity, trust, wealth generating capability and spiritual power.

From the time of African captivity to even today, our level of consciousness remains extremely low. Our consciousness has been shaped by those who control the inputs to our brain; what we see, what we hear, what we feel and what we taste. These external influences serve to fashion a set of beliefs deficient in self-awareness. As a result, we internalize inappropriate behavior patterns that compel us to serve the needs of others while neglecting our own group development.

These patterns are evidenced by views such as:

• Attitude Towards Material Things

• Believing White Ice is Colder

• Attitude Towards Work

• Susceptibility to Divide and Conquer

• Collusion with the Competition

• Seeking White Approval

• Attitude Towards the Family

If the above doesn't clarify what we mean by inappropriate behavior patterns consider the following; Africans in America give ninety-five (95) cents of every dollar they make to others, [1] allowing others to live deliciously, while they starve. Consequently, Africans in America are assailed with deplorable conditions, such as; lowest amount of wealth, highest unemployment, lowest income, highest crime rate, and fastest death rate. [1]Dr. Claud Anderson from his book, Powernomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America)

Our ancestors teach us that conditions result from actions, actions result from thoughts and thoughts are a by-product of consciousness. Therefore, in order to change our conditions, we must first change our thinking. We cannot change our thinking unless, and until, we change our consciousness.

Come join us in the Reconnecting with Ancestral Knowledge study group and go back to go forward and raise your consciousness. Our sessions will help emancipate us from the alien-inspired dungeon of false beliefs about ourselves, others and the world because they'll supply us with a new set of historically accurate facts, concepts, theories, and perspectives about ourselves, about others, and about the world based on our African cultural and intellectual heritage. What are you waiting for!

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